The KEBA BALLSTUD has been developed to withstand extremely high loads and can be set fully-automatically in a progressive tool or transfer tool. Thus, the downstream operation for the orbital riveting of the ball stud is eliminated providing high-cost savings in return.

The KEBA BALLSTUD can also be set in very narrow sheets as it only requires minimum space. It is very similar to a standard ball stud, but is a lot cheaper in terms of assembly.

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  • High-cost savings
  • Fully-automatic processing
  • Geometry similar to standard ball studs
  • Minimum space requirements
  • Suitable for large sheet thickness ranges
  • Customized geometries available
  • Preservation of the sheet stability due to small pilot holes

Improvements on the current state-of-the-art technology with BALLSTUD can be inserted during the manufacturing of the body sheet metal. The downstream operation is thus completely eliminated oering potentially high-cost savings


Cost Comparison

  • Reduced logistics costs due to the elimination of in-plant transportation between production stages
  • Reduced staff and related costs due to the elimination of a downstream operation
  • Low space requirements (no downstream system is required)
  • Shorter processing times and lower capital commitment
  • Lessened warehousing and related costs