Keeping Railways on Track and on Point with Intelligent Fastening Solutions from KEBA Fastenings

Imagine a world without railways. It's hard to picture the efficient movement of goods and people that underpins modern economies. Since the Industrial Revolution, railways have been the workhorses of industry, and their development has been tightly linked to economic progress. From the early days of steam locomotives to today's high-speed trains exceeding 300 km/h, the core principle remains constant: trains need to be reliable and operate on time.

However, a single loose bolt anywhere on the railway infrastructure, from tracks to rolling stock, can have severe consequences, causing delays or even accidents. With vast networks of tracks snaking across the globe, and countless switches requiring maintenance, checking and tightening bolted joints becomes a labor-intensive and time-consuming task.

KEBA Fastenings understands the critical role of secure bolted connections in the railway industry. As train speeds and technology advance, so too do the demands placed on railway lines and train components. High-speed trains and carriages are subject to constant vibration and stress, creating unique fastening challenges.

That's where KEBA steps in. We offer a range of intelligent fastening solutions specifically designed for the harsh railway environment. Our products are built to endure the elements and ensure that bolted joints stay secure, no matter the speed or distance. KEBA's solutions are ideal for both production and maintenance applications, keeping railways running smoothly and safely.

KEBA's intelligent fastening solutions target a wide range of railway applications:

  • Freight car components and fixings: From secure connections on critical freight car components to efficient fastening solutions for production and maintenance, KEBA offers a comprehensive range of products.
  • Subways and trams: The unique demands of urban rail systems are addressed by KEBA's intelligent fastening solutions, ensuring safe and reliable operation in subways and trams.
  • New and old generation trains: Whether it's a high-speed bullet train or a well-maintained locomotive, KEBA's fastening solutions are adaptable to the needs of both modern and legacy rolling stock.

By partnering with KEBA Fastenings, railway operators and manufacturers can benefit from innovative and secure fastening solutions that keep their networks running efficiently and safely for years to come.

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