KEBA most certainly does focus on delivering high-quality products and services; however, to ensure this, there are several different components for which the total quality management system entails. Our policy is arranged to consistently provide quality throughout all of our business aspects.

First and foremost, quality begins with the employees who are continuously trained and are required to attend various continued educational programs throughout the year. This creates a chain of effectiveness from establishing efficient partnerships with certified and approved suppliers to applied safety, appropriate production and regular quality checks to secure our business relationships with our customers.

KEBA maintains, if not exceeds the standards:

  • IATF 16949:2016
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • REACH/RoHS compliancy
  • ISIR
  • 100% optical sorting
  • PPAP documentation of Level 2 and 3 along with IMDS

Istanbul, 10.01.2021 Rev.00

  • Creating brand awareness by offering products and services at the desired quality, in a timely manner, with competitive prices to ensure the Company conforms with the dynamic and evolving requirements of our customers.
  • Defining and developing processes to ensure customer terms and conditions are comprehended accurately.
  • Creating an exemplary Company culture by increasing communication, sharing of information and creating harmony amongst employees and departments which also ensures participation of everybody for a “we are aware” team environment.
  • Organizing trainings and following their development in order to contribute to the technical and personal development of our personnel.
  • Adopting a customer oriented sense of quality throughout the entire organization.
  • Ensuring the improvement of the quality system and efficiency of production by providing indispensable technological investments and trainings for continuous development.
  • Increase the competitive power by achieving various new set the targets to adhere to the constantly changing market conditions and ensure overall development.
  • Continuously renew and improve our production methods in order to provide ease of application to our customers,
  • Continue activities in accordance with legal, regulatory and standard conditions required by our business.
  • Ensure the implementation of the Quality Policy created and to continuously improve upon the Quality Management System.
  • Ensure that customer requirements are fully understood and fulfilled.



The roles of management and staff members have been determined in accordance with the Corporate Responsibility principles, which are secured by internal procedures.

KEBA Fastening Corporate Responsibility Principles are as follows:

  • We declare that we will keep any confidential information strictly confidential and will not release or disclose such information to any third parties without written notification.  We will no duplicate such information or use such confidential information other than its intended specific purpose.
  • We declare that we will not discriminate based on ethnic origin, gender, color, race, economic status, age, religion and will adhere to human rights policies.  Human resources will comply with the working age rules within the framework of the law and that we will maintain healthy working conditions free from all kinds of forced labor, harassment and mobbing.
  • We declare that we will attach importance to honesty and morality and avoid unfair competition within the framework of the ethical rules and law of the competitive environment we are in.
  • We declare that we will not provide benefits to the parties within the framework of our current duties and authorities and we will not act in a way that damage the Company’s reputation.