About Us

Built on family values, KEBA Fastenings was established in 2002 and has grown to be recognized as a solution partner to full service providers. Today, our focus is to supply niche fasteners only to worldwide distributors and wholesalers.

KEBA’s high-performance thread forming screws, cold & hot-formed parts, turned parts, stamped parts and custom-made fasteners are used in small local workshops to multinational industrial leaders in various regions throughout the world.

We are endlessly growing by meeting the utmost unique, specific and time sensitive needs brought forth by our customers; their tasks are our objectives!

We create solutions and give way to purchasing decisions when needed.

With office locations in Stuttgart – Germany, Houston – Texas and multiple production facilities in the geostrategic location of Istanbul – Turkey, KEBA Fastenings has paved a land bridge between three continents offering an extensive range of products with expeditious delivery times.

The KEBA Fastenings mission is to consistently introduce a high-quality level of innovative products and services tailor-made for our customers’ application.