Fixx Lock Nut

The most secure self-locking fastening solution for extreme vibration conditions utilized by a unique wedge principle.

FIXXLOCK has been successful in many industries including railways, civil engineering, heavy machinery, radar and power masts, towers and pylons, wind turbines and many more. The utmost secure connection enhances safety and reduces maintenance and inspection costs.

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  • Unmatched locking strength
  • Reusable design without effecting performance
  • Easy installation – only a wrench is required
  • Clamp load is preserved for all applications
  • Drastically reduced labor costs associated with re-tightening
  • Available in a wide array of materials and coatings7



As shown in the illustration on the left, the FIXXLOCK consists of two nuts in which the first nut (Convect nut) has a truncated protrusion arranged off-center on the upper part. The second nut (Concave nut) is the locking nut which is designed with a concentric conical recess for locking the two nuts together. By tightening the concave onto the convex nut, a strong perpendicular load will be applied to the bolt from both sides.



The vibration testing is based on the National Aerospace Standard (NAS 3350) which demonstrates the overwhelming superiority of the locking effect when compared with other products under identical conditions.