Alumate Plus

ALUMATE PLUS is the new era in self-tapping screws for light alloy materials provided in alternate materials with a wide variety of plating and coating options.

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  • Compatible with machine screw threads
  • Provides a high joint strength
  • Low loss of preload force under high dynamic and thermal loading
  • E ortless lead-in with low insertion torque for safe assembly
  • Excellent self-locking vibration resistance
  • High stripping torque
  • Allows for reduction in installation depth

When compared with machine screws, thread forming fasteners can create cost savings of up to 40%. Self-tapping fasteners provide the advantage of directly assembling into cast holes as opposed to a pre-drilling, thread tapping and the subsequent cleaning of metal chips process to prepare the hole for a machine screw. ALUMATE PLUS provides all of these in one single phase creating not only cost advantages, but ensuring e ective use of time.


The thread geometry of ALUMATE PLUS provides a greater shear area achieving a higher performance in pull-out and strip-out.

The ALUMATE PLUS is composed of a smaller 33 degree flank angle which forges a stronger internal thread in the mating material than screws with a 60 degree flank angle. The larger tooth area of the female thread delivers a more sturdy joint, whereas the control design optimizes displacement of material during the thread forming process which secures a maximum thread engagement. The profile of the lower thread flank provides an increased strength which is critical for high load joints.

The tapered thread forming lead-in with sharp crested threads minimizes debris generation and lowers the drive torque.


The ALUMATE PLUS is designed to be an alternate to machine screws, thus, being completely interchangeable. Therefore, ALUMATE PLUS can be used in existing tapped machine screw threads with equivalent sizing. Additionally, if required, a machine screw can be used in the thread formed by an ALUMATE PLUS fastener which in return eliminates any field service related concerns.