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The TORX® Drive System was specifically designed to provide a simple, cost-effective solution to the problems inherent in the process of installing and removing fasteners. Used in a multitude of industries, the TORX® Drive System can enhance product reliability, increase productivity and reduce total assembly costs – all of which are keys to remaining competitive in today’s marketplace.

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The TORXSTEM™ is primarily used in Double-end stud applications but can also be used for hold and drive applications. Since most double-end studs lack a drive system, it is necessary to grip the threaded portion of the stud in order to drive it, which can result in thread damage. A special external TORX® configuration extruded onto one end of the double-end stud simplifies driving. We refer to this as a TORXSTEM™ Double-end stud. They are installed using a TORX® socket to increase productivity and reduce thread damage.