Polymate Type Duro Screw

is a thread-cutting fastener designed to meet the demanding requirements of thermoset plastics with easy assembly coupled with a strong, reliable joint to ensure optimized assembly performance.

  • Provides an asymmetrical 30º thread profile, inclined towards load surface to increase friction (FR) between the application and the fastener
  • Reduction in radial stress
  • Reduction in back-out caused by relaxation
  • Increase in strip resistance
  • Elimination for the need in supplementary locking devices
  • Optimal thread pitch allows for deeper thread engagement
  • Increase in pull-out strength
  • Increase in resistance to vibration loosening
  • Increase in load-carrying capability
  • The recessed thread root allows space for displaced material
  • Minimization in installation torque
  • Miniziation in the risk related to clogging and galling of threads during assembly
  • The shank slot minimizes chip production
  • Through hardened to Rc 33-39


  • Capable of cutting threads in harder plastics
  • Maximizes assembly performance
  • Minimizes installation torque
  • Diameter sizes of metric or imperial system and up to 100mm under head (other sizes available upon request)
  • Head styles: pan, flat, hex, round washer, oval, button head, filister
  • Special Shoulder screws, sems, double end studs, collar studs; others as required


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