• Strong anti-loosening force exerted by just tightening normally !
  • Realizing downsizing with high axial force and improvement in fatigue strength !
  • Significant cost reduction with downsizing and unnecessity of loosening prevention !
  1. Contact with internal screw occurs gradually from thread top of external screw.
  2. Axis is raised toward seat surface side (upward) as tightening torque is applied.
  3. External screw and internal screw contact each other at flat surfaces.
  4. Repulsive forces act on seat surface and thread surfaces, thereby generating high anti-loosening force.
  1. Strong anti-loosening force tolerating Junker vibration test
  2. Axial force rated one notch above enabling reduction in weight and cost
  3. 1.2 times higher fatigue strength (which may vary depending on strength class / material)
  4. Seizure prevention (even stainless screw does not cause seizure)
  5. Halved variation of axial force (there is no difference when lubricant is applied)
  6. Prevention of breaking off of screw head, prevention of slanted ingression, solution for uneven contact
  7. Prevention of lowering of axial force due to elastic mutual action
  8. No contamination and high resistance against high temperature (as large differences from adhesive)
  9. No damage to seat surface and internal screw by equalizing load share ratio
  10. The very same operability as normal screw (with quite smooth ingression)
  • Further, as another big feature of MOTIONTIE, its elastic structure permits defects of internal screw (for example, defective accuracy of squareness or occurrence of burr) to some extent.
  • Mechanical property of screw complies with ISO and retains high quality.
  • "MOTIONTITE HARD TYPE" with improved anti-loosening force is also available.
  • Corresponds to M2-M16 coarse screw threads and fine screw threads.
  • 1.0 to 1.2 times higher recommended tightening torque than normal screws.
  • Already patented in 11 countries in the world.
  • MOTIONTITE is a product jointly developed with Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute.
  • Specifications of products may be modified without notice.


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