Polypress Fastener

is a unique fastener designed for quick and easy assembly into thermoplastics as well as light metals and steel.

Designed to be pressed into appropriate hole sizes quickly and easily through a single straight line stroke. PolyPress may be used for a broad range of thermoplastics, light metals and steels encompassing a wide variety of densities.

KEBA POLYPRESS FASTENERS incorporate a trilobular thread with a 70°-10° semi-buttress thread shape. This combination not only provides an impressive ease of use, but creates an phenomenal pullout resistance. Furthermore, to support the product performance, the threads have been designed in a helical shape, rather than annular, which during insertion allows for displaced air to escape as well as for removal and reinsertion of the fastener if necessary.

POLYPRESS FASTENERS heads are available with a drive system for removal, adjustments and/or final tightening if needed. In applications where adjustments or removal is not required, PolyPress is available without a slot, recess or socket on the head.

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  • Approximately 35% greater torsional torques when compared to round-knurled bolts
  • Great vibration resistance and extremely secure against self-unscrewing
  • Highly reliable when fitting nuts with PolyPress center collar and PolyPress connecting fasteners
  • Assembly time is reduced up to 75% with minimum assembly errors
  • Quick application for clinching into plastics, light metals and steels
  • Use of more economical operating materials and tools
  • Designed to be clinched into either pre-prepared holes or injected as an insert
  • High pull-out resistance due to circumferential locking flutes on a triangular shaft design